How long does trazodone last for sleep

how long does trazodone last for sleep

Advice & Tips: Trazodone really does help me to fall asleep and sleep through the night,i take it 4 nights a 7 day week on average and have had an overall. Trazodone can help you to re-establish a normal sleep pattern. If you have trouble falling asleep, you should take your Trazodone about . of treatment, but investigation into the long-term effects have not been performed. Official answer: After a single dose in a healthy adult, trazodone will be mostly out of your Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 24, how long does trazodone last for sleep You can wake up easily if you need to with an alarm. It's different than Ambien that puts you to sleep in a half an hour. You'll hopefully take in your stride little things that used to worry you. Strangely, Paxil and Lexapro are supposed to make it harder to sleep. Can not sleep? Can I drive or ride a bike? You may feel nausea and be sick or have diarrhea or sometimes constipation. I take it a half hour before bed, and normally more info takes me a half hour to fall asleep. I have had to go back to Lexapro doctor said this is better than Paxil. Some people need to take trazodone long term to treat depression or anxiety that keeps coming back. Can I drink alcohol with it? Ambien Ambien is a very popular brand name, prescription sleep gow, and people frequently wonder which is more effective when comparing trazodone vs. Make a Donation Newsletters Give a Gift. If you're worried about getting dementia or Alzheimer's diseaseor have a family history of these conditions, speak to your doctor. Likewise, the potential to develop a withdrawal syndrome is higher alst Ambien than it is with trazodone. Therefore, trazodone has found greater utility as a sleep aid than it has as an antidepressant medication.

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